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Yuzuru Hanyu 羽生•結弦



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gravity defied

it has been proven that nobody can pull off a tight white sparkly onesie with golden frills


  • You: I'm your fan and I admire you so much
  • Yuzuru: I love you too
  • I mean, come on

«fan art»
*very toned butt



too much sass for u to handle

The Phantom of the Opera

Yuzuru Hanyu ♕ Kanako Murakami

≧◡≦ aiyahhh



stretching and smiling =^.^=

despite the grammar error, #getrecoveryuzu conveys the feeling of worry from yuzuru’s Chinese and Japanese fans (so many of them!)


Anonymous said:
Woah! I really like the Profile pic of Yuzuru in this Tumblr account... how and where can I full view that pic? thanks :)

You like? I like too.
I don’t hav the full pic unfortunately :p
sorryyy maybe somebody else has it??

Anonymous said:
hi! do you know what date the japanese nationals for ice skating will be this year? or do you know someone who might know? thanks!

According to the internet, the 2014 Japanese National Figure Skating Championships will be on Dec 24-29, 2014 at Nagano, Japan

Let’s watch if Yuzuru can win 3 years in a row ^ ^ Let’s count Tatsuki to make the competition interesting