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the jaw line in the last one is just

a surfeit of sexiness is spilling out from the deep V


unhealthy obsession with yuzuru’s face •\\•



This took 7+ hours in total, but I am proud of it.

(via zuyuruhanyu)

First World Problem:
can’t find pooh tissue box • •


I would grab the cardboard cutout and run for it • •
omg I want the dvd so bad >



~white tee~

I just love this so much >v


You are welcome to use these as your icon ^-^

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happy yuzu • serious yuzu
perfect for icons btw

yuzu • cutie • hanyu

new icon • •
it’s me trying hard not to laugh (at u)

•Parisienne Walkways• 2012-2014 his sass will be missed a whole lot :’)

too fabulous for you



" Hairstyle almost ready for the last show. Ganbatte ! " - Stephane Lambiel

P.S : W-WUT?? they use hair spray or sth like that, and Yuzuru looks like Matsuda Shota in here ! LOL XD he looks so chic and edgy!
is that yuzuru or A KPOP STAR >v