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everything Yuzuru Hanyu • •


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Yuzuru Hanyu - DOI 2014


when a cute guy gets a really bad haircut •^•

outfit+accessory on point 👌💁

I’m starting a Instagram account! :)
please follow for daily doses of yuzuru xD



Make me choose: Chopin Ballade No.1 or Parisienne Walkways

Asked by: dayzdai

(This is more of like I HOPE this will be better than PW since I’m kind of tired of PW— watching it again and again for 2 seasons is a lot)


~elegance~ 💁


lick~ P:


this dork in black tee (and you guys) just made my day •v•

tbt - 16 yr old Yuzuru • Zigeunerweisen

I’m turning 16 today too •.•


!!(o///o lll)


pretty shirt :3


the jaw line in the last one is just